MC60 PWRKEY using Timer based logic

We are using MC60 module and want to control the POWER KEY using Timer based design controller by programming. For example, when the device is OFF, pressing the power button for 3 seconds should Turn ON the module. Once module is ON, pressing the power button for 3 seconds should trigger firmware to send SOS.

I was referring to "4.3.1. Power Key Configuration” in Quectel_MC60-OpenCPU_Series_User_Guide_V2.0.pdf, but it’s not clear how can we include timer logic.

static const ST_PowerKeyCfg pwrkeyCfg =

{ FALSE, //Working mode for powering on module by PWRKEY pin.

FALSE, //Working mode for powering off module by PWRKEY pin.


Can you please give reference Code how can we have Timer based Power button logic?

Dear trakbond

I’m very sorry that there is no corresponding course code available on the official website at present.Please refer to the switching machine timing diagram of PWRKEY pin in the hardware design manual to write the corresponding program.Thank you.