MC60 Position accuracy

Hello there,
Currently we are working on tracking project using MC60, I can not find any specific accuracy field in GNSS sentences. As I have searched over internet, it’s possible to calculate accuracy with HDOP & URE (User Ranging Error).

What is the value of URE for MC60 & L86?

Dear Farzin,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
For accuracy of GNSS, we just care about CEP(circular error probability), not URE, for MC60, the CEP is 2.5m, L86 is 2.5m. Thanks!

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Dear Kyson,

Thnx for prompt response. One more question, can you kindly let me know how can I estimate the accuracy of location using CEP (and may be other) parameter?

Dear Farzin,
About the accuracy, you can compare the position obtained by module with the real position in your map. You can enter the longitude and latitude into the common map to check whether there have any positional deviation. Thanks!