MC60 openCpu Time Synchronization

I am using MC60 with OpenCPU, I want to turn the Time Synchronization and update RTC functions off completely, I only want to update RTC manually through Ql_SetLocalTime() method and use GMT+0. so I have inserted AT CMDs such as “AT+QNITZ=0\r” and “AT+CTZU=0\r” on ril_init.c file as follow:

const char* g_InitCmds[] = {
“AT+CNMI=1,1,0,0,0\r”, //

and try running the update on many of my devices (Gps tracker). However, some devices are stayed updating RTC time from the GSM network (Iam in Vietnam GMT+7). I am using SDK v.1.3 and MC60’fw is CAR01A10. by the way, tell me about Is MC60 OpenCPU SDK v1.7 compatible with firmware versions such as CAR01A05 and CAR01A04?.
pls, give me some advice to resolve. thanks so much.

Dear Ntrbac,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forums.
Please note that MC60 OpenCPU SDK v1.7 should compatible with firmware versions CAR01A12, cannot compatible with CAR01A05 and CAR01A04. Thanks!
And SDK v.1.3 also cannot compatible with CAR01A10, it should compatible with CAR01A06 and CAR01A05. Thanks!

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hi Kyson,
pls, give me SDK that is compatible with version CAR01A10.

Dear Ntrbac,
Please click the following link to download it. Thanks!

dear Kyson,
after using CAR01A10 version along with SDK v1.6, some devices still have this problem. the Localtime from RTC is still GMT+7. it doesn’t occur immediately after registering GSM, I also have not yet known occurring when. After turning the device on, I only update RTC one time by getting the time from an NTP server such as “” (not via NTP AT CMD).

Dear Ntrbac,
Please check the return value of AT+CTZU?, please follow up the following steps to check it. Thanks!

Hi there,

Sorry for getting to this topic so late… I am also using MC60E and OpenCPU.

According to the AT commands manual - “If the QNITZ function is enabled, on receiving network time message, an unsolicited indication is shown in the format of: +QNITZ: ,”.

I have modified OpenCPU ril_urc.c file and added NITZ URC:

{"\r\n+QNITZ:", OnURCHandler_QNITZ} in const static ST_URC_HDLENTRY m_SysURCHdlEntry[] and

static void OnURCHandler_QNITZ(const char* strURC, void* reserved)

BUT…I am not getting +QNITZ URC although the RTC time is updated from the network.

What could be the reason?