MC60 OpenCPU suddenly reset on http request without any errors or warnings

we encountered a problem in programming the MC60 module.
The module works without any problems, but when the module sends data via http request, it gets a sudden reset without any errors or warnings.
We use three subtasks in our program, one of which includes http request.
The other two are inactive when sending a request, but reading from the ADC is in progress.
Often a reset occurs at the end of the http response.
What do you think could be the reason for this?

Dear John Smith

Hello, when you say reset, do you mean module restart or do you mean the HTTP thread is not working?Are the other two threads still running?

Please kindly feedback the SDK version and module details you use.Thank you.

Module was fully restarted.All Threads Stoped Working And Module Rebooted.
SDK Version: MC60 OpenCPU GS3 SDK V1.8
Module: MC60CA

Dear John Smith

Grab LOG feedback analysis using the tools and instructions provided in the link below.Thank you.