MC60 OpenCPU atRsp_callback function

Hello. I work with OpenCPU and I have a question about API Ql_RIL_SendATCmd() function.
As you said in MC60_OpenCPU_User_Guide (page 149) -

… before this function returns, the responses for AT command will be handled in the callback function atRsp_callback…All AT responses string will be passed into the callback line by line.

And the callback function has prototype like -
typedef s32 (Callback_ATResponse)(char line, u32 len, void userData);*

So inside the Callback_ATResponse function I can operate with pointer char* line and len of responses string.

My question is - does the responses string terminated by a null character ‘\0’ in len+1 place?


You can think so. If there is no null character, then the data you get maybe is wrong.
In reality, we only care about the validity of len length data. This is a formal parameter. I don’t think we need to consider len + 1.