MC60 Number of timers OpenCPU

Hi, I have a question:

How many timers can be run in 1 task?
The documentation says that 10 timers can be run at the same time. Does this apply to a single task or the entire project?

Dear Sad

You can create 10 timers in a single task, but you can only create 10 timers in the entire program.

Hi Grey, thanks for the reply.

I’m also wondering, using Ql_RIL_SendATCmd to send AT commands do I have to put \r\n at the end of the AT command?

For example, Ql_RIL_SendATCmd(“AT+GSN\r\n”, 8, ATResponse_Handler, NULL, 0);

Dear Sad

Ql_RIL_SendATCmd function is required to add \r\n, may be different versions of the difference, can be specific operation try.Thank you.

I want to define a timer with a microsecond interval
Is it possible?

dear sina_aghajani
Check the user manual to see if there are corresponding parameters.

NO, the module is not microcontroler and OpenCPU not support microseconds
but is possible… “there is nothing impossible”

thank you
If possible, what is the activation method?