MC60 not simcard deteced of one operator!

I used m66 before and I had no problem.
in use of mc60 only one operator simcard is not detected but others simcard operator not problem!

please help me
I have had this problem for several weeks and bought several SIM cards for testing.

Is this SIM card can be detected on the M66 now?
Please send AT+CFUN=0, AT+CFUN=1, AT+CPIN? to check again.
Please send us your log screenshot.

Thank you for helping me
I sent you the test results:

Note: The MC60 results are the same for SIM card slots 1 and 2.

picture result of m66 & mc60 with 2 different sim card(operator).

I will communicate with you via email, please check the email.

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i thought the problem would be solved by upgrading. :frowning:
i upgraded fw to the new version but the problem did not change.

For more analysis , we need to collect log by Catcher tool in windows system, if need to more assistance , pls reach to
You can use the tool in the link in the email to grab the log:

You need grab the log of the following procedure:
execute at+cfun=0,then execute at+cfun=1.

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yes i downloaded tool, thanks.
for this tool, need to DBG UART (debug uart) or main uart?

You need to use the debug uart port.You can refer to this guidance document:

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The problem was solved… :slight_smile:

thanks Winnie, You helped me a lot. :rose:
The problem was the thickness of the SIM card!

The thickness of SIM cards is usually 0.63 mm.

But the thickness of the operator SIM cards that caused this problem was about 0.75 mm.

This extra thickness connects the mechanical pin of the SIM card socket to the PCB ground and creates problems.

It worked properly when I reduced the thickness of the operator SIM card with sandpaper (about 0.62 mm).

You’re welcome.I’m glad to hear that your problem has been solved :slightly_smiling_face:

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