MC60 no GNSS communication problem

I have MC60ECA-04-BLE module, in stand-alone solution, I successfully initiate the GSM part, but I can’t receive any message from GNSS part.

  • GNSS has applied 3.3V on GNSS_VCC pin, I listen on GNSS_TXD and TXD both.
  • Command AT+QGNSSC? send on GMS port return “1” value.
  • Command AT+QGNSSRD? send on GMS port return “+CME ERROR:7103” (Operation failed)
  • Sending any command to GNSS port has no effect, no data at all is received from GNSS port.
  • I checked 4800bps, 9600bps and 115200bps speeds.

Can I ask for help in identifying the problem?

currently , your module is working on all-in-one mode , pls
connect Auxiliary port and GNSS port


for the detail ,pls refer to