MC60 MQTT over websocket

Is it possible to connect an MC60 (MC60CAR01A15) to an MQTT broker over websockets?

Hi Luisfelipe:
The module does not support websockets.

Thanks Winnie.

Is it possible and is there any implementation of websocket over a TCP connection for these modules? Any C/C++ library?

I’m afraid not.We haven’t done it like this.

Thank you very much for your clarification


I have the same issue. I need to use this MC60 to MQTT with websocket.

I check this MC60 with broker “” and its work with:
1883 (MQTT, unencrypted, unauthenticated)
1884 (MQTT, unencrypted, authenticated)
8883 (MQTT, encrypted, unauthenticated)
8885 (MQTT, encrypted, authenticated)
8886 (MQTT, encrypted, unauthenticated)

but not work (response: +QMTSTAT: 0,1) wih:
8080 (MQTT over WebSockets, unencrypted, unauthenticated)
8081 (MQTT over WebSockets, encrypted, unauthenticated)
8090 (MQTT over WebSockets, unencrypted, authenticated)
8091 (MQTT over WebSockets, encrypted, authenticated)

Quectel’s development team can develop new firmware or a solution (and applications notes) to websockets?

Thank you.
Jorge Torres

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Hi Jorge_Torres:
The MC60 module currently has no plans to support websocket.

Hi Winnie.Xi-Q,
Ok, thank you for reply.

Luis, this is possible if you use PPP and use the Zephyr RTOS. With Zephyr, all doors are open to you.

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Thanks Harald, I will explore that option.

Hi Luis
PPP is one option, another option would be as you mentioned using TCP transparent mode and building the websocket application.
In this case what is the uC you are using?

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Olá Diogo,
I am using an MC60.
Can you give me more information and maybe an example of how to do that?


Forget to tell you, I am using an esp32 and programmed using Arduino

Ola Luis

On the MC60 please take a look at AT commands AT+QITCFG, AT+QIMODE to configure transparent mode. This will allow you to make a transparent connection to a TCP server. After this you need to build on the ESP32 a client that encapsulate MQTT data, in a websocket packet, and send it to the TCP server. I think there are several examples of websockets for esp32 available on the web.

Hope it helps

Best Regards

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Olá Diogo,

Thanks for your recommendations, I will try to explore this strategy.

Best regards