MC60 Module coading support

Hi Team,
I started one project using the mc60 module but I am facing issues with the coding the module part please help me with how to setup ide and install the GCC compiler and then staring examples to toggle the pins how to start up with the task flow.

Thank you,
M Kalyan

Hi Kalyan ,

If you do have SDK then in documentation section there is eclipse user guide .

This will guide you for setting up your project .

you can also contact to local FAE for your help . Quectel_OpenCPU_GCC_Installation_Guide_V1.1.pdf (700.6 KB) Quectel_OpenCPU_Quick_Start_Application_Note_V1.1.pdf (716.1 KB) OpenCPU_GCC_Eclipse_User_Guide_V1 0_Preliminary.pdf (930.8 KB)

thanks for the support Ratan