MC60 module 1pps and GNSS issue

I am directly giving the power supply to the GNSS_VCC of 3.3V and I turned on the module I am not getting any 1pps signal from the mc60E module. Here I am not using the GNSS_VCC_EN pin I made it open. I need to know whether GNSS_VCC supply should be given after the module turned on or directly before the module turned on please give me a clarification on it.

Dear kalyan_matta
Whether the GNSS serial port has NMEA sentence output, if there is output, you need to check whether the GNSS positioning is valid, if GNSS is not positioning, 1pps is not output.
In addition, the two design circuit diagrams of MC60 refer to the and chapters in the attachment.

Quectel_MC60_Hardware_Design_V2.1.pdf (1.3 MB) Quectel_MC60_Reference_Design_Rev.B_20160801.pdf (856.7 KB)