MC60 micro seconds Deay

I want to know is there any way to make micro second delays?
I mean Ql_Sleep() in SDK accepts time to wait in milliseconds but i want to wait micro seconds. how can i do that?
Or is there any way that i can get tick count of microcontroller?
thanks in advance.


There is no tick counter or any timer for creating microsecond delay on OpenCPU.

I use the code as follows, and get some records for your reference.

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Hi. thank you For your Reply. Is this times constant or can vary depend on conditions?

try read UC TIMER
#define USCNTI_VAL (volatile uint32_t *)(0xA0180000 + 0x0088)

The timer is “constant” for all SoC Mediatek MT6261

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Please explain the code a bit exactly what you did
I din’t notice

read microsecond timer value from SoC register USCNTI_VAL