MC60/M66 small GSM antenna for small pcb

Hi, I have a problem with gsm antenna for M66/MC60. My PCB need to be very small and device works with horizontal position. I’ve added picture - I havent more place on PCB for GSM antenna. i thought about helical antenna, but standard antenna are to heavy and big. Is there solution, where GSM antenna will has <20mm height and has small weight <2g ?

Project is during design, pcb isn’t finish, I sign area, where I can do anything for gsm antenna. PCB has 2 layers and has 0,2mm isolate layer.

Could You help me with that ? Thanks for all help :).

Dear Ice_m,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About the antenna design, we have the application note for customer to reference, please check the following document. Hopefully it is useful to you. Thanks!
Quectel_Antenna_Design_Note_V3.1.pdf (1.1 MB)