MC60 is restarting repeatedly while using GPS read command in subtask function


I’m working with MC60 and I want to get coordinates in a certain time interval by using multitasking. In proc_subtask1 function, while using the GPS read function (RIL_GPS_Read(“GPSRead=”,rdBuff):wink: the CPU is getting restarted again and again. Please follow the sample function.

void proc_subtask1(s32 TaskId)
bool keepGoing = TRUE;
ST_MSG subtask1_msg;

u8 rdBuff[1000];





Now in the documentation, it was saying that we cannot use QL_sleep() function and the CPU will get restarted for that. But when I don’t use RIL_GPS_Read(“GPSRead=”,rdBuff); this function, the subtask is working fine with QL_sleep. Even the CPU is getting restated without using Ql_sleep() function while using GPS read function.

Please help me with this.


what’s your firmware version?

I don’t know exactly the firmware version name. But the folder name is MC60ECAR01A07____ (got from the quectel support). The cfg file name is “QUECTEL03D_M2M_11C_BB”. And the SDK version is 1.7.

Sorry for the late reply.
Thanks for your valuable response.