MC60 HTTP Post request error


I am trying to upload the data to my Thingsboard dashboard From MC60 Module using HTTP Post a request and the data format is JSON.

But whenever I try to execute the command HTTP POST, I get CONNECT after a long time and after sending the payload I get CME Error: HTTP response failed.

Following is the Screenshot of the AT command execution process. Please help me with it.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Hi ashish macwan
Did you use AT+QIACT=1 to activate the PDP context? You can do AT+QIACT, right? To query whether the PDP context is activated. Http-related operations can be performed after the PDP context has been activated.


Hi, I tried to Activate the PDP context using AT+QIACT=1 but it show an error while doing it.

One more point I tried My GET request is working properly.
I am using Airtel 2G sim card.