MC60 GPS no Latitude, Longitude data

Hi, I have been trying to get GPS data from MC60 module by sending AT command from a controller. I am not able to get GPS coordinate after sending AT+QGNSSRD?. I am double checked that the antenna(patch antenna) is connected. Herewith i have provided the log information.

**[2020-03-26 11:20:48:021_S:] ATI
[2020-03-26 11:20:48:131_R:] ATI
[2020-03-26 11:20:48:131_R:] Quectel_Ltd
[2020-03-26 11:20:48:131_R:] Quectel_MC60
[2020-03-26 11:20:48:131_R:] Revision: MC60CAR01A10

[2020-03-26 11:20:48:141_S:] AT+QGNSSC=1
[2020-03-26 11:20:48:301_R:] AT+QGNSSC=1
[2020-03-26 11:20:48:301_R:] OK

[2020-03-26 11:22:32:854_S:] AT+QGNSSRD?
[2020-03-26 11:22:32:964_R:] AT+QGNSSRD?
[2020-03-26 11:22:32:964_R:] +QGNSSRD: $GNRMC,000124.094,V,0.00,0.00,060180,N56
[2020-03-26 11:22:32:964_R:] $GNVTG,0.00,T,M,0.00,N,0.00,K,N
[2020-03-26 11:22:32:964_R:] $GNGGA,000124.094,0,0,M,M,5C
[2020-03-26 11:22:32:964_R:] $GPGSA,A,1,1E
[2020-03-26 11:22:32:964_R:] $GLGSA,A,1,02
[2020-03-26 11:22:32:964_R:] $GPGSV,1,1,00
[2020-03-26 11:22:32:964_R:] $GLGSV,1,1,00
[2020-03-26 11:22:32:964_R:] $GNGLL,000124.094,V,N

Dear Logaesh,
As per the log, the module didn’t observe one satellite. Obviously the module didn’t receive GNSS signal. Please confirm the following conditions:
1, Put your patch antenna outdoor with open sky.
2, Respectively confirm that the patch antenna and MC60 are both normal.
3, Please refer to “Quectel_MC60_Hardware_Design_V2.1” to double check.
Download address:

If possible, could you share your antenna design with us for review?

Hi sir,
Thank you for your concern. I have been contacted by your local FAE in bangalore, India. He has been reviewing our design. Moreover the issue is in our PCB design and we are currently working on it. So i likely to close this ticket.

Thank you once again for your support.