MC60 GNSS mode for low power application


For designing MC60 low power (limited battery, MC60 All-in-one solution) application, we are following MC60-OpenCPU_Series_Hardware_Design to decide on the GNSS modes for optimize the power requirements.

Question 1. Its not clear from the document how does GLP(GNSS Low Power) mode works and how it is different from Periodic mode.

Question 2.For Periodic mode, its written to enable this mode on when GNSS is in Tracking mode. How can we check in OpenCPU when the GNSS is in tracking mode?

Please suggest how does GLP mode works and can it be used in MC60 All-in-one solution?

Dear trakbond

Please feedback the detailed information of the module you use and the SDK version, thank you.

For the corresponding GNSS development manual and example routine in the SDK package, please refer to design.