MC60 GNSS Command problem

i want to run a command to MC60 Module.
i can send any command like AT+QGNSSC=1 to module and it will accept it.
But when i send AT+QGNSSCMD=0,“PMTK605*31” module print OK but no any other answer.
it should print
Can any one help me?

Dear mhny_65,

Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel froum.

The right command shoulde be AT+QGNSSCMD=0,“$PMTK605*31”.


Dear Markus
Thanks for your reply.
I send that command but device just send OK and no other answer.
When i send cold start command directly to module it accept and execute command. after that all command from AT+QGNSSCMD will accept and execute.
Can you help me?

Dear mhny_65,

Please provide AT log to me, I tested it with QCOM tool, it was no problem.

Dear markus
I can read all data of GPS. But i cant send command to GPS of MC60

Dear mhny,
Try to turn on S101 and S102. Then reset your EVB.
The data you read is cached by MC60, not the real time GNSS data.
The response ‘OK’ means the MC60 has successfully received the command.
Whether to execute successfully needs to check the ‘$PMTK’ response.

This is real time data.
i capture this picture 10s after module is on and GPS not get real time data.
after 1min this data is real time but QGNSSCMD still not work.

Dear mhny,

Please provide your MC60 module version information to us, or you use the latest version to have a try

Dear Markus
When I send command AT+GMR
Device will back
Revision :MC60CAR01A12