MC60 getting invalid GPS string while send data to GSM in MC60


By using AT command of MC60 for getting GPS data so i got valid GPS data. But post any data to http server simultaneously getting invalid GPS string.

Do you mean that the GPS data is normal when only GPS is enabled, but if HTTP POST and GPS are enabled at the same time, the GPS data will be abnormal?
Could you please tell me the details of your AT procedure and the software version of the module?(excute ATI to check)

actually sir by AT command I got gps valid data even sending data to http server but I used code in eclipse using mc60_open_cpu in that I read gps data and send any data to http server that time getting invalid string of gps.

As for the issues about OpenCPU, I need to transfer it to a colleague in another forum to answer for you.Please wait, thanks.

ok thanks sir. I will waiting

Hello, can you paste a part of the code that you used to get the GPS data?

Please send the version number of your SDK

1.This our code for getting gps string and send that string to http.
2.SDK version:- MC60_opencpu_GS3_SDK.
bootloader:-MC60CAR01A14(MC60CA-04-STD quicktel controllor part no.)

#include “custom_feature_def.h”
#include “ql_type.h”
#include “ql_stdlib.h”
#include “ql_trace.h”
#include “ql_timer.h”
#include “ql_uart.h”
#include “ql_error.h”
#include “ql_gprs.h”
#include “ql_fs.h”
#include “ril.h”
#include “ril_network.h”
#include “ril_http.h”

#include “ril_telephony.h”
#include “ril_gps.h”
#include “ql_gnss.h”
#include “nema_pro.h”

#define DEBUG_ENABLE 1
#define DBG_BUF_LEN 512
static char DBG_BUFFER[DBG_BUF_LEN];
#define APP_DEBUG(FORMAT,…) {
Ql_memset(DBG_BUFFER, 0, DBG_BUF_LEN);
} else {
Ql_UART_Write((Enum_SerialPort)(DEBUG_PORT), (u8*)(DBG_BUFFER), Ql_strlen((const char *)(DBG_BUFFER)));

I have sent code via mail ( because it is not accepting text file of code.

The SDK version: - MC60_opencpu_GS3_SDK.Do you have a full name? What’s the suffix?


Please suggest it to us.