MC60 get signal quality before connection to operator


We are developing a roaming device, which will send emergency relevant information using data. So for us it is critical to get a fast connection to the best network available. If we just use the automatic operator selection (AT+COPS=0), it will not always be the best operator in terms of signal quality, as the operator of our SIM cards has a preferred operator list set.

So now we are checking how to find out which operator has the best signal quality first and then connect to that specific operator manually. Is there a way to get the signal quality of all operators without connecting to them first?

We only find the solution to connect to each of the operators and then check the signal quality afterwards, but this method will be too slow.

Thank you very much.

when we power on the module ,the module will do the whole RAT and band scan to check the signal , this scanning need time , So Your solution is not easy to implement, because we have to measure it first to know the signal quality。

the below is network searching sequence: