Mc60 fixed gps coordinates

how to get fixed lattitude and longitude at same place using mc60, i have used A gps but it doesnt helps, i have getting varying lat long at one location

Hello vjeet0143,

I will suggest you to get basic idea about the AGPS Technology & it’s Working Principles.
Assisted GPS Wiki

AGPS uses Cell phone network to get the location information.
It will search nearby Celluler Network Towers for getting the location information using MSB & MSA by getting the Radio signals strength, time zone & may some other parametes. (Basically it uses mobile tower information to get the reagional location.)

Location determined via A-GPS are slightly less accurate than GPS, It varies as your mobile carriers changes their values.
When your device is in the reagion where you will get the full carrier range for atleast 3-4 celluler network you will able to get the accurate (< 5 m) & fixed possioning.

Just like GPS signals, when your module is place in open to sky environment ( i.e. atleast 4-7 sattelite will able to delevered the gps locations carrier) you will able to get the accurate possitioning.

When ever your modules goes to the lossy environment (inside buiding/ tunnel) the signal strength will be suppressed, which altimately reduce location accuracy.

Also the type of antenna you are using will also affect the accuracy.


ok thank you i will let u know about the result.

Sure :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: