MC60 firmware upgrade

Hello, I am trying to update the firmware of module MC60CA-04-STD and always gives this error:

“FAIL, ERR_3236_S_DA_GPS_DOWNLOAD_FAIL- (0x001660C8)”

The GSM / GPRS firmware is updated correctly, but it seems that the GNSS firmware is not.

I have modules that the original firmware is the MC60CAR01A05 and MC60CAR01A07 and the error is the same in both.

I am using QFlash 4.10 and use a USB <-> Serial adapter connected to the main UART of the module.

How should I proceed to complete the upgrade successfully?

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forums.
For your issue, please check whether your design is the same as the following picture. When upgrading firmware, you should make sure Auxiliary UART connect to GNSS UART port directly or with a 0R resistance.

Hopefully it is useful to you. Thanks!

Thanks for the tip, it was an assembling problem, the GNSS TX pin was not soldered on the two boards I was testing. Now the upgrade works correctly.

hi sir:
I working with inbuilt Bluetooth in quectel board.
It connected successfully but if i am connect any app with quectel board like serial monitor in mobile it shows “waiting connect accept” in QCOM software.

what i will do sir.
pls give any idea.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
If you can see the reminding information"waiting connect accept" in QCOM software, you should accept the connect requirement come from the module in your app. Thanks!
By the way, it is better to provide your test AT log to us when you meet any issue, then we can confirm where is the problem. Thanks!