MC60 EPO (AGPS) not working

Guys I need AGPS to have a quick Cold start in my application.
I have followed “MC60&MC90 GNSS AGPS Application Note” and “MC60 Series GNSS AT Commands Manual” documents and tried the examples that have been offered there and triggered EPO function but I’m NOT getting any location using “AT+QGNSSRD?” command.

How do I know if Module is downloading EPO data? I don’t see anything in Terminal. Maybe the URL of EPO file has been changed. Ha? Is there a way to enable EPO debug output?

I also have another problem. Any sort of “$PMTK” commands is not supported by the module. For example:
Enable AIC function: $PMTK 286,1*23
But issuing this command returns ERROR

Dear Mostafanfs,

We suggest you to acquire the Quectel Evaluation kit so we can compare results.
Then you can set the mode, test your commands, make logs, download firmware.
Then, please contact Quectel support and share following information:
Firmware version used
Hardware setup (schematics), used antennas,
Your command set, sent to the module,
Logfile from startup, list of commands until the failure.

Cheers !