MC60 Connection Closed Automatically When Idle

Currently I have a TCP/IP project where I connect MC60 to a server.
After I connected the my device to the server, I encounter a problem where the connection closed itself when I left it idle form several seconds. And it always occurs every time I connect to the server. I already disabled the server timeout and the problem persists.

Is there any command or setting that I need to modify?
Thank you.

Many server resources is limited, so you don’t have the data detected within a certain time interaction will be kicked out of the server and you but for a few seconds was kicked out the server is a little unreasonable, we have a the AT command, every once in a while can make module to the server sends a useless data, used to maintain the module and the server connection,Interval support ranges from 10 to 1800 seconds. You can send AT+QIKALIVE?To check whether the command is opened. If it is not opened or the interval is too long, it is recommended to set it. The following is the detail of the AT command:

Enable the function and set the interval facility to 10s
You can try it first, and if it doesn’t work, you are advised to ask the server whether to kick the module out after a short period of time without data interaction