MC60 command echo

Hi, i am using mc60 for my project in iot. Unfortunately i am getting the at command as echo along with response. I gave ATE0 command to off echo mode. But still i am getting. Could u help

I have used this command and it works fine for me. Could you check if the command is being executed correctly (do you get ok reponse)

Yes, i am getting ok response. I have connected to stm32 serial port and sending commands. I am getting ok response along with the same at command in receive buffer

This seems weird can you share any logs so that it might be easy to analyse the problem. Also are you sure ok is for the ATE command?

Hi altamash. Please find the image above.

Well this is unusual. Maybe you could get in touch with the Quectel FAE team, they can help you in this.

Dear Sir,
if you make sure the command you input is correct, please check the module FW version, we can check it in our side. Please check the following test log in my side, the command work normally. Thanks!

Dear Sir,
Whether your issue have solved now? If you need any technical support, please do not hesitate to contact Quectel. Thanks!