MC60 command AT+QGNSSRD="NMEA/RMC" not working

We have used the MC60 version 01A05 before without problems, but now for a new board we seemed to have upgraded to version 01A13 and the commands AT+QGNSSRD? and AT+QGNSSRD=“NMEA/RMC” suddenly don’t work any more!
The command AT+QGNSSRD? gives CME ERROR: 7103, and the command AT+QGNSSRD=“NMEA/RMC” gives the first time CME ERROR: 607 and then subsequent times also CME ERROR: 7103.
The most recent spec for the GNSS AT commands (version 1.3) and this suggests that these commands are unchanged!
What are we doing wrong? Our software worked fine with version 01A05.

Hi there,

First power on the GNSS using command AT+QGNSSC=1

Then pass command AT+QGNSSRD? to get GPS data

Hope it helps you