MC60 Bluetooth connectivity

Hello i have using MC60 module for quite some time but the its Bluetooth performance seems to be a big let down.
I’m using this module to obtains gps coordinates, send data to mqtt server and wait for bt connection continuously. Problems occurs when the module is sending data to mqtt server and user sends a Bluetooth connection request to the module where the connection reuqest is not received (atleast not on my microcontroller s uart). After several im able to connect. Has anyone encountered such issue?

Hello altamash.ar96,

As per my knowledge, The RF Section will be managed pretty well by the Quectel it self, so there is negligible chance that MC60 will not getting Bluetooth connection request from other device while sending the data over MQTT.

Are you using UART interface to communicate with the MC60 module?
If so try to debug the Serial interface, Is there any kind of indication send by the module whenever connection request received to the module.

  1. Make sure the bluetooth is set in visible mode.
  2. Before getting connection request you need to form a pair with the bluetooth device.

Hello, Yes I’m using UART interface for communication(115200 bps) and I’m already debugging the connection by echoing the data on Microcontroller SWO pin. All the data from the MC60 module is echoed on the SWO terminal. I have done all the aforementioned steps but, the thing is that the module accepts the request after several attempts.

Note: Do you think there might be an issue due to the RF section because we are not experts in it.

Do you think there might be an issue due to the RF section because we are not experts in it

NO, I don’t think so. Because the most of the quectel modules are using the Qualcomm / Mediatek processors inside.
As per my knowledge, Qualcomm have managed RF section.

Still suggesting you to go with the QCom application to send & receive the data to/from the MC60-E module to debug it by re creating your dedicated conditions.

Try to debug it & please share some logs which may help us to understand the problem.

Dear altamash.ar96,
It is better to provide some test AT logs, then we can help you confirm the issue. The following link is the test tool QCOM, you can download it. Thanks!

Hello Kyson,
Currently, I do not have the logs but I will surely make a video and provide the appropriate logs so that the issue can be addressed appropriately.
Altamash Abdul Rahim

Dear Sir,
Whether your issue have solved now ? If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

Hello Kyson,
Currently I’m unable to provide you some logs but the I’m still facing some issues in on the bluetooth connections e.g if the client Android Application crashes then after restoring app to normal then BT connection cannot be created again, we need to reset the device which is not how we want the device to work. Also how does the MC60 module manages sudden loss of BT connectivity would be interesting to know.

Dear Sir,
Whether you have a try to turn off the MC60 BT function then turn on it when this situation happens without reset the device. Normally,if the matched device disappeared suddenly, even it restored, the module still need to match again, cannot connect it automatically. Thanks!
Hopefully it is useful to you.

Dear sir ,
I’m using MC60 with Bluetooth communication where this communication pair configuration and data string read successfully(string send from mobile) . But string transfer always failed.
1.strtoul(str,NULL,16);(string to unsigned long integer conversion) returns zero value.
2.RIL_BT_SPP_Send(BTDevHdl,SppSendBuff,send_size,NULL); this function returns send failed.
kindly give your suggestion…


Change the base from 16 to 10 to get integer value. >> strtoul(str,NULL,10);


Will you please share some logs & params info related to this function?

//SPP send data
if(0 == Ql_strncmp(m_RxBuf_Uart1,“send=”,5))
u8 *p1,*p2;
u16 send_size;

                p1 = m_RxBuf_Uart1+5;
                p2 = Ql_strstr(m_RxBuf_Uart1,",");
                if( p1 && p2)
                    u8 str[11] = {0}; 
                    BTDevHdl = strtoul(str,NULL,16);

                     APP_DEBUG("Invalide para.\r\n");
                p1 = p2+1;
                p2 = Ql_strstr(p1,"\r\n");
                send_size = Ql_strlen(p1);
                    send_size = Ql_strlen(p1)-2;
                if(0 == send_size)
                    APP_DEBUG("No data for send.\r\n");
                send_size = send_size <= BL_RX_BUFFER_LEN ? send_size : BL_RX_BUFFER_LEN;
                ret = RIL_BT_SPP_Send(BTDevHdl,SppSendBuff,send_size,NULL);

                if(RIL_AT_SUCCESS == ret)
                    APP_DEBUG("Send successful.\r\n");
                    APP_DEBUG("Send failed.\r\n");


Hello raisaa,

Please read the question carefully. I have asked you the debug/print logs for this function.

I think you are copying incorrect string to the SppSendBuff
Use APP_DEBUG() to debug the SppSendBuff values & size.

i’m sorry…thanks for you kindly reply

Hi guys.
i am trying to make my BT module need to ask passkey to enter for pairing confirmation rather than sending passkey and asking confirmation with bt device.
so where need to change this.

while doing pairing request Quectel itself sending the BT address with passkey to the BT Device.

if anyone knows kindly let me know.