MC60 BLE cme error: 100

Hello everybody!

I’ve started experimenting with the BLE functionality of the MC60 module, but unfortunately all of the BLE related commands seem to return +CME ERROR: 100. I’ve followed the instructions written in the MC60_BLE_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.2. Classic bluetooth related commands work. The current firmware revision running on the module is MC60CAR01A09. Has anyone encountered this before?

According to our specs, the MC60 only supports classic Bluetooth BT4.0 or BT3.0. Where did you learn that the MC60 supports BLE?

Hey! Thanks for the quick answer! Well to be honest, I assumed that it should support BLE, hence the title of the manual. But I’ve checked and apparently there are different versions of the MC60. The one I have is MC60CA-04-STD, while only the MC60ECA-04-BLE supports actual BLE it seems. Anyway, thank you for the answer!