MC60 BLE and HTTP problem

I have a problem using the MC60 module. The module is configured as a BLE server device, we have an android app that connects to the device, once the app is connected the device send a string to the app every second. The application requires also to send the same string to a web server wia HTTP GET and here is the problem.
Every time we call the AT+QHTTPURL command the BLE connection, if active, is suddently closed. Is this a normal behaviour of the module? Is there a way to avoid this problem?


Dear mgilioli,

Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
According to your description, there are probably the following two reasons:

  1. The server actively closed the HTTP connection;
  2. The network abnormally sends a RST packet to interrupt the HTTP connection between the module and the server;

Dear Markus,
thank you for your answer.
The HTTP connection works well, the server correctly answers. My problem is different: if we have an active BLE connection (i.e. the mc60 is communicating with a smartphone app via Bluetooth), this connection is closed everytime we send AT+QHTTPURL to the device, in order to start a new HTTP connection.


Hi Mglilioli,

Do you mean that every time you jsut sent AT+QHTTPURL=, the BLE connection was closed? And even no AT+QHTTPGET or AT+QHTTPPOST was sent?

Hi WillieYao,
actually the disconnection message (+QBTGATSCON: 0) is asyncronous so it is not very clear which message causes the disconnection.
We send AT+QHTTPURL then the URL then AT+QHTTPGET. The disconnection happens somewhere in the middle of this procedure. We are going to change the firmware and make more accurate tests in order to exactly detect which message causes the disconnection.


Hi @mgilioli,

Was this ever solved? We are experiencing similar issues.

Thanks in advance!