MC60 - basic operation with GPRS


I use MC60 module (SMS, etc.) and I need send some data from flash. I will be really happy that I could see this data in internet browser. I’ve never make any GPRS procedure. I don’t need any encrypted transmission in this moment. I need send and see some GPS data from flash memory. Could You give me some advice how start - simple as it possible? Thanks :slight_smile:

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First, let me confirm, do you want to send the data from the module to the network?

If it’s GPS data, you can use AT+QGNSSRD? Command to query GPS location data.

If want to be uploaded to the Internet, you need to use TCP or HTTP connection to the server, and then transmit the data to the server, the process is done using the AT command, specific details you can refer to the manual of MC60 the AT command and application guide, if you don’t have a manual, can leave your email, I will send you the manual you need

Hi, thanks for fast reaction :). I don’t need information about how I can get GPS data :wink: - I made all program with any options what I need. I need send data from flash memory by GPRS for browser for example. My device send data by SMS, this is no problem, but it isn’t professional solution and there is to much data to send :).I need do that as simple as possible - in this moment only for test :). I use Quectel products for 5 years (M66, L76,…, now MC60), but I’ve never had to use GPRS…till this moment :).

In this case, you need to have a server (url accessible) on the network, and then according to the protocol of the server, have the module connect to the server through TCP/HTTP, and then send data to the server through the AT instruction


I’m also using the MC60CAR01A10 Quectel version. I need to connect to the network but I’m having trouble. I’m not sending data to TCP, I’m just trying to connect to the network. I would be grateful if you help.

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Hi, Did You solved Your problem ? I don’t understand what do You mean "connect to network " ? GSM network ?