MC60 as TCP/UDP server and client issue after some hours


I have a project that I need the MC60 module to be a server and client of both TCP and UDP protocols, and the module is sending every 5 minutes an UDP message to my own server, and waits for a acknowledge message, if the MC60 does not receives the ack in 5 seconds it will send the message again 5 more times until it receives the ack.

The TCP is used for other porpuses.

The issue arises after some hours, the MC60 module just stops receiving the acknowledge messages sent by my server. I know they are being send since using the wireShark I see the server responding to the MC60. And when this start to happen, even if the server tries to use the TCP protocol, nothing is received by the module!!
The only way to solve this is to power down and power up the module, only after this the MC60 starts working normaly again.

I would ask some one, if possible to try something similar and see if they have the same result, just let the module run for 1-2 days sending udp messages every 5 min and see after that, you can still recieve data in the MC60.

I am asking some one to try this since I’m already talking with support but they keep telling me that is normal, so I just want to test if its me or is something that is “normal” to happen with the MC60.


  • FW used on the MC60 is MC60CAR01A15;
  • The service provider of the SIM is Vodafone;

your module firmware is the latest version and does not need to upgrade, so I assigned the problem to the TCP/UDP topic.

Ok, sorry and thank you.