MC60 Additional delay - problem with sleeping


MC60, MC60CAR01A13.

My external CPU (AVR 2560) is using sleeping mode with disabled UART and he is wakeing up by interrupt on RX pin. Can I add to MC60 “warm up” packet and delay (example 1ms) before transmit true data for full wake up AVR 2560?
Now I have problem with few first char of comunication, AVR can’t read few first char correct by UART because AVR need some micro time for wake up.

Can I do it without custom software for MC60 cpu?
Any workaround this problem will be okey :wink:

@Stephen.Li-Q @herbert.pan-Q @WizIO any comments,thanks

I am not Quectel support, I write out of “sports malice”

@romix there is not option AT delay, change your wakeup, find other solution
or use OpenCPU, the module is 30 times faster than AVR