MC60 accuracy (All in one)

Hi everyone . I have a problem with the MC60 accuracy. (All in one & open cpu) :
When I turn on the GNSS module, the accuracy of the first point is about 30-200 meters or more and it takes about 50 seconds.
after that , it takes about 30 seconds for the accuracy to reach below 10 meters (relative to the actual coordinates).
The number of satellites is from 5 to 18 (sometimes, with more than 10 satellites, the accuracy is between 50 and 100 meters) a lithium ion battery is constantly connected to the module, and RTC pin is float.
The circuit has a suitable antenna as well as a filter and LAN.and GLP is off.
How can I reduce this 30 seconds ?

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Hi, did You solve this problem ? I have the same. Have a nice day.

Improve the environment of the lower module, and the positioning speed is faster in the open air environment

I have fix in 3-5 seconds (very fast) if I use VRTC, but this fix is nothing worth, as it is described it here: MC60 - problem with measurement accuracy of altitude in meters according to WGS84 ellipsoid - #2 by vincent.ding-Q Accuracy altitude, longitude or latitude : 50-200m (long. and lat.) and for altitude…no comment - from few hundred meters to over 1000m ! All recorded data, with longitude, latitude and altitude are too differ from each other (50-to over 1000m).