Mc20/mc60 micro second delay

From the last 2 days, I encountered with microsecond delay in mc60/mc20 OPENCPU. How can we develop a microsecond delay in it? Is there any alternative for direct produce microsecond delay. Please help me out of this problem. My complete project was stopped because of a single micro-second delay.

For millisecond – Ql_Sleep(1)

Advance thanks to those who helped me out of this problem.

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Thank you for the replay.
actually, I am using mc60 opencpu quectel board.
provide code is m66 module code. and How can I configure to opencpu mc60 module.

Is there any direct api for micro second delay.

Thank you

MC60 is other version of M66
The SoC inside modules is MT6261 for M66 and MT250x for MC60
MT250x is the same as MT6261

Microsecond example use direct access to microseconds timer…

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Now I understand and also it’s working.

directly the function USC_Pause_us(1000000); give 1 second delay.
Thank you for your support. It really helps me to move towards