MC20 GSM/GNSS module DataSheet

Can I use MC20 Module out of china?
How can I found it’s datasheet
another question: when is the EOP of MC60?

Dear Hamidreza Maddah,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
We do not recommend you use MC20 out of China, because it is just designed for China domestic marketing. If you want to use, please choose MC60. And MC20 also have no oversea certificate. Thanks!
Please click the following link to download the datasheet of MC20. It is Chinese version, no English version.Thanks! Could you tell me what is EOP?

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Hi dear Kyson,
Thanks for your Response.
EOP mean End of Production.

Till now, we have no plan to EOP of MC60 module. Thanks!
If we have the plan, we will send notification to customers. Thanks!

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Thanks for your response.
How can I Know you suppliers?
When I contact with chinies suppliers, they say MC60 is not available for Chinese Quectel Agency.

Dear sir,
If that, please share your company name, your country and your email. I will help to arrange our distributor to contact you. Thanks!

Hi quectel team,

Is it safe to use mc20 based products in india ?

Is there any technical difficulties & challenges that we may face in the future if we use mc20 based products ?