MBN files for italian LTE operators

I’m trying to perform VoLTE calls in Italy using a QUECTEL EM12-G both with Vodafone and TIM operators.
The problem is that It seems that in the MBN files present these operators do not appear for the VoLTE.
Is it possible to have a MBN file for such operators and for the other italian plmn?

If this is not possible, is there a way we can forge one by scratch?

I suggest you try the latest version of EM12-G firmware, if the latest version of firmware does not support the use of Vodafone SIM card volte call may not be supported, thank you.
EM12-G latest firmware download address:

Thank you for your response.
I managed to solve the problem with TIM operator by using the following steps:

AT+CFUN=1,1 (then wait for the settings to be applied and the EM12-G to be rebooted)



At this point I was able to perform VoLTE calls.
The same unfortunately did not happen for Vodafone, which i think it means that the MBN file “ROW_Generic_3GPP” does not include Vodafone plmn.

Can you verigy that with the R&D team if possible?

Thank you in advance

Ok, the research and development team will reply to you after confirmation, thank you

Hello, please provide the name of your company, thank you.