I am attempting to switch an EC25-AU module from UART/PPP mode 0 to MBIM mode using the AT command AT+QCFG="usbnet",2 and it is not taking effect. Is there a firmware update needed for this module to use MBIM?

The currently installed firmware is EC25AUFAR06A05M4GA

Thank you,

Hi @rayne
May I ask are you using it under Windows? May I ask if you have loaded the ECM driver correctly, and the AT+QCFG=“USBNET” command restarts to take effect.

Thank you for your response - updating the module to the latest firmware fixed the issue & enabled MBIM, which happened automatically after the card hard LTE signal for a few days. I had tried rebooting and also power-cycling the machine the card was installed in previously, but the update eventually happened and MBIM started working after that.