Maximum response time

Hi. I need to send 160bytes of data to the UDP server in 20ms intervals. I am using AT+QISEND command for this. Generally it sends the data in 3ms.Sometimes it fails,and maximum response timeout is 120s. I have to ignore this timeout and send new data. Is there a way to change this maximum response timeout. I can not use transparent mode, I have to make this in direct push mode because I have multiple socket connections at the same time.

hello,thanks for contacting us,could you please tell us the module type and firmware version? thanks!

Thank you for your response Niki. My modem is EG91.

My modem firmware version is : R06A08_01.001.01.001

I mean EG91EFBR06A08M4G. Is there any way to change the response timeout or ignore it and send data again?

Is there a way to do this?

Any suggestions to this issue?

Hi @kemal_serkan
Under what circumstances will the delivery fail? The response time of 120 seconds is quite long and does not support tweaking at this time.

Thank you Niki. We have to send audio stream data to the server over UDP socket in 20ms interval. Sometimes modem can’t handle to send the data in 20ms and in this situation we have to ignore response time and send new packet but at the same time modem is still working for the response time(120seconds) . So is there a way to ignore this time?