Maximum response time for AT+QISEND=<connectID>,0

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I am working on the BG77 and BG95 module. I am trying to schedule the process for data sent failure. I found the command AT+QISEND=,0. In the datasheet, I found two timeout values within the figure of the Flow Chart of Using TCP/IP AT Commands. In one hand, it is mentionned that AT+QISEND=,0 has a timeout of 90 seconds. In the other hand, it is also indicated that the query sending ACK by AT+QISEND=,0. has to be executed during 2 minutes, every 5 seconds with 24 times in total.

I am confused for the timeout to use with the query AT+QISEND=,0.

what is the maximum response time for this query ?

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only one timeout timer in this AT cmd

it is 120s ,the other time just is one example ,How long to wait for ACK depends on your business