Max. packet size sent by module in data mode?


I’m using the EC25-E / EC200S-EU modules through UART on a custom STM32H7 board with the lwIP stack.
PPP connection was used in data mode.

I would like to know, what is the maximum data size that the module can send to the host on UART?
The biggest data packet I received so far is 17kB.

I need to know this to not set the RX buffer too low.

Thank you!

The standard module does not support the configuration of this function. Please refer to the measured result. Thank you.

I don’t want to configure, I just want to know the max. data size that the module can send in one burst.

Right now my circular RX buffer is big enough to support receiving up to 30kB data in one burst. But if the module wants to send bigger than that, data loss will happen.
But because I’m low on memory, I don’t want to waste memory with unnecessarily big buffers.
So, if I know for sure the max. data size, I can adjust my buffers more wisely.

Thank you!