I am using EC200U, in my project i would like to use SPI for CAN communication using (MCP2515) and also required GNSS function at the same time,

how can I map different pins for SPI in quecpython.

hi, Harshad

Please refer to this link

SPI – Serial Peripheral Interface Bus Protocol - QuecPython (

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I tried to communicate using port1: CS: pin26 CLK: pin27 MOSI: pin24 MISO: pin25 but as per data sheet this pins are dedicated for PCM interface. even i am not able to send or receive data from slave. i am using same program that is in example attached in screenshot.



I use SPI1 for a spontaneous self-collection test (PIN24 is connected to PI25) and the test can receive data

You can first self-collect test to see whether it is normal, and then connect the slave machine, see when sending data, measure pin27 with an oscilloscope to check whether there is a clock signal

Thanks Felix,
I am able to communicate in Loop by connecting 24 and 25 pin.
ill check on oscilloscope is its generating correct frequency.