Manual Gateway, DNS IP definition on BC66

hi. We are working on BC66NB-04-STD chip. I have a very specific TCP/IP question. If your technical support answers, I will be glad.

  • For the project requirements I deal, I need to “route” IP traffic somehow. This can be done by “iptables” in linux with identifying the"1- public DNS server" and “gateway server ip”.

Beside of (except) our 5g connection, I need to define 2 IP address (namely “DNS server IP” and “VPN gateway IP” on the BC66. For example; I need to define (somehow) 1- my DNS server with its public IP address “XX.XXX.XXX.XXX” and 2- other machine inside of that public server (e.g. VPN IP XX.X.X.X). I did this connection successfully by defining the routing tables in linux terminal. But no success on BC66.

Is there any suggestion, I should take as a consideration on BC66&BC66-NA TCP/IP Application Note ( I follow some of them but failed)? Or can you direct me any command to set those 2 ip addresses on the BC66NB-04-STD, please?

thank you very much,
stay safe.

By default, BC66 is going to use a private network. You should hire a VPN service with your operator.