Main UART shows corrupt characters - BG95 EVK

I’m trying to get started with the BG95 EVK board. I’m trying to talk to the Main UART but all I get is strange corrupt characters, which looks like either a Signal Integrity or baud rate issue. I’ve probed the waveforms with a scope and they look ok (3.3V levels, TX shows activity when I send a command, RX shows activity to reply). Does anyone have the same problem?

Hardware setup:
3V3 FTDI USB cable connected to EVK J806 (RXD_3V, TXD_3V, GND)

Software setup:
QCOM v1.6, COM port, Baud rate 115200, Stop bits 1, Parity none, Byte size 8, Flow control None

how about the status? if you connect the main uart directly .

I attached the evb schematic for your reference


pls check the conected point