M95 the latest with mqtt support

Where can this be downloaded ? i got a version from this forum earlier but it do not show the correct firmware version

I’m sorry to reply you so late.
Could you tell me your specific questions?Do you mean that you want to download the latest version of M95 software?What is your current version of software?(you can use ATI to check)

Good to hear from you.
Yes i want to download the newest m95 firmware with MQTT functionality.
Could you please mail it to me?

this is my current firmware - i does not support MQTT at commands,


We are STILL WAITING since december for an answer:

And there is no answer from Winnie yet from support , where to download

Where can i download the firmware??

Could you please respond

I have communicated with you about the software version via email. Please check the email to confirm whether you have received the email. Thank you.

Yes emails have Bern received. But i have still NOT received the software. Could you please email it now?

Please confirm the email, thank you.