M95 temperature sensor +QTEMP command


What is the range of the temperature sensor inside M95 chip? Can it measure negative temperatures as well?
And what is the response format in +QTEMP command? Is it Celsius?


Hi Urbant:
Could you please tell me the specific software version of your module?(please use ATI to check)


Module software version is M95FAR02A08

Hi Urbant:
The response format in +QTEMP is celsius.
You can refer to the document below for the operating temperature of the module:
Quectel_M95_Hardware_Design_V3.1.pdf (1.4 MB)


But I’m not asking about operating temperature of the module. I would like to know how +QTEMP command works. What is the response format? I can’t find this information in the Hardware design guide. If it is there could you please point me to it?

You can refer to the Quectel_M95_AT_Commands_Manual_V3.2.pdf:

Quectel_M95_AT_Commands_Manual_V3.2.pdf (1.3 MB)


You can refer to the Quectel_M95_AT_Commands_Manual_V3.2.pdf

Yes, I have already read this document but information there is insufficient that is why I’m asking this question here. From this document:

The current temperature of the temperature sensitive resistor

But what I’m asking is the format of this temperature field. Is it Celsius? Can it be negative?

Thank you!

The response format in +QTEMP is celsius.It can be negative.