M95 SSL Server Data Receive Problem

I am using the M95 module for our bidirectional communication project. There is no problem in calling and sending sms or normal TCP/IP Connection. However, there are problems with the SSL server connection.

In normal TCP/IP connection, device can connect to Server and send-receive data every second. Device output every data through UART directly. I just check the packets from the UART.

When I initiate a SSL connection, I can transmit data or receive from server with execute custom commands:


But, sometimes I can’t receive data every second from UART like normal TCP/IP. When server send data every second, device output nothing through UART.

Nothing has changed, why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t? SSL commands are not stable?

Hi ,

SSL is an encryption protocol based on TCP/ IP connections. It provides encryption policies for TCP connections. For details, see the SSL connection manual