M95 Registration issue

I m using an M95 to make connections via MQTT. The problem that occurs is in the initial steps of registering on the network. Below are the AT commands I do to register. It happens that there are times when he fails to register, other times if I do a reset on the M95 he registers on the spot. It is not stable for long. Is there a way to guarantee registration on the network every time he tries to connect? Or if there are other AT commands that can be added to improve this? The command at “AT+QBAND=?” can help?


AT (FOR SYNC) within 5 seconds

** I wait for an OK**

** AT+IPR=115200**

** I wait for an OK**

** AT+CPIN? within 5 seconds**

** I wait for an READY**

** AT+CSQ **

** AT+CREG? within 1 minute**

** I wait for an 0,1 or 0,5**

** others AT for open MQTT connections . . .**

Hello @Shaymon_Alvarez
Your M95 GSM module supports Mqtt commands?
My M95 GSM module works ok for other commands but not execute Mqtt commands .

Any suggestions ,what might be the issue?

Thanks in advance!