M95 PCM with I²S

Hello! I have a doubt about a connection using the PCM interface in the module M95. I want to use this microphone INMP441 that have I²S interface. Can it be possible to connect this microphone over the PCM interface of M95? Or am I need another module capable of handle I²S interface?

Could you please tell me the software version of your module(Please use ATI to check)
and the scheme you are using, the standard solution or the QuecOpen solution?

Thanks for your answer. Here is the software version of my module:

[2021-07-05 15:57:11:062_R:] ATI

[2021-07-05 15:57:11:066_R:] Quectel_Ltd
[2021-07-05 15:57:11:066_R:] Quectel_M95
[2021-07-05 15:57:11:074_R:] Revision: M95FAR02A08

[2021-07-05 15:57:11:084_R:] OK

And I’m using the standard solution following the chapter 3.9.3 of this hardware manual.

I2S can be connected to PCM. But make sure the interface level is 2.8V.

Hi @Winnie.Xi-Q! Thank you for explaining this information. I’ll try it here.