M95 GSM. Fail PDP activation AT+QIACT Error

I’ve juste receive the M95 EVB kit and i tried to check if all the function provided in QNavigator work. The SMS and call function works perfectly well but when i try to set an TCP/IP communication it always fail.

The process fail at the PDP activation, i receive the following error :AT+QIACT: “Error”.

Also i tried the AT commands; AT+CGACT=1,1 to manually activate PDP contexte and receive a “CME ERROR:UNKNOWN”.
By checking before the AT+CGACT? show :" CGACT:1,0". wich mean my first context is deactivated.

I checked all the GPRS status and they are OK. I also tried many AT command related to PDP activation but it seems like none works.

I’m sorry to reply you so late.
Do AT+CGREG? before activating PDP to query whether the network registration was successful.
If the registration is successful but the activation of the PDP still fails,you can use AT+CGDCONT? to verify that your APN or PDP_TYPE settings are correct or not.