M95 : DTR - SIM PRESENCE pin, use both functionalities at the same time?

Hello, I am working with the GSM M95 module. Could I use pin 20 with both DTR and SIM presence functionality? I would like to be able to use both options. On the one hand DTR, to use the SLEEP mode. On the other hand, I find it interesting to be able to detect if a sim is inserted or not. In this case, if we connect as recommended in the hardware recommendations document:

We have pin 20 with a pull-up configuration. Our sim connector says:


Can I control the signal through a microcontroller leaving aside the detection of sim in sleep mode?

I’m probably getting a bit confused, and it’s not possible directly, and I can do the sim detection with a GPIO of the external microcontroller.

===>Could I use pin 20 with both DTR and SIM presence
Unfortunately this is not possible, in the sdk, you can only enable it for one function, if you want to implement DTR and SIM, you can consider external hardware